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Birmingham Community Advice (BCA) Project Dissemination Event

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The Big Lottery Funded Birmingham Community Advice (BCA) Project fronted by the Nishkam Civic Association is now coming to an end after a successful 2 years providing advice to the BAME community beginning in December 2013.

An event was held on the 28th of October 2015 to mark this end and celebrate the success of the Project.

The aim of the day was to identify the challenges faced in delivering the service across Birmingham and acknowledge the success in the provision thereof.


The event was well attended by funders, partners, outreach partners, stakeholders, clients and volunteers alike. Staff from St Paul’s Crossover Centre and BRADICAL expressed concern about the large gap left by the end of this project.

The Contracts Manager Ajit Singh spoke about the diverse communities that have been assisted in the lifetime of the project – a total of 84%.

The BCA Team spoke about the significant financial gains totalling approximately£1,036,222.44, showing the effect this work had on the BAME community.


BCA Empowerment


The Welfare & Debt Caseworker on the Project spoke about the way debt is viewed in most BAME communities;

“Priority debts are on the rise since 62% of our clients struggled to keep up with necessities such as rent payments, council tax and utility bill payments. This indicates the financial hardship people are going through bordering on poverty. In comparison to the number of clients advised in the Welfare Benefits sector we saw fewer debt clients come to us for advice. This was reflective of how BAME communities do not view debt in the traditional sense that we see it and it highlighted the need for these services in order to raise awareness about the importance of managing debt.”

Zainab, the Employment Caseworker on the Project spoke about the effect of recent changes in employment law;

“For employment law there are strict time limits; problems at work can be stressful to resolve alone and they often escalate. In 2012, the introduction of fees became a stumbling block for many claimants. The weakening of employment rights and people being unaware means there is a great need for this service.”

They gave a clear idea of what was needed in the community and what could be improved.

Further to this, case studies in each specialist area was showcased to give a clear grasp of the significance of the work being done and the effect this has had on people’s lives.

Their collective message was very clear – that the need remains and the BAME community should not be left without the support they require.

Below are some client case study videos and photographs from the event on the 28th October 2015


To view the full interview click here.                      To view the full interview click here.


To view the full interview click here.                      To view the full interview click here.













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