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The term interfaith dialogue refers to cooperative, constructive and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions & none. Interfaith dialogue involves embodying universal, unconditional love (of God) in all one’s liaisons with all & promoting understanding between different religions to increase acceptance, tolerance & respect of others & to increase one’s own loving sacrifice to others.

A new dawn has arisen as the United Nations has embraced and appreciated the importance of Faith (Dharam) in society at an International level. On 23rd Septmember 2010, HM King Abdullah II of Jordan introduced a World Interfaith Harmony Week (the 1st week of February, every year) at the 65th UN General Assembly stating:

“It is essential to resist forces of division that spread misunderstanding & mistrust, especially among peoples of different religions. The fact is, humanity everywhere is bound together, not only by mutual interests, but by shared commandments to love God & neighbour; to love the good & neighbour….. What we are proposing is a special week, during which the world’s people, in their own places of worship, could express the teachings of their own faith about tolerance, respect for the other & peace.” This proposal was later accepted & culminated in the 1st annual World Interfaith Harmony Week in Bhai Sahib Ji with Pope FrancisFebruary 2011.

The UN resolution for a world interfaith harmony week is a very welcome, historical & unprecedented event, capable of promoting healing of interfaith tensions around the world.

People of faith must rejoice that faith is being promoted positively at a global level. Since 70% of humanity subscribes to a Dharam, religion or faith one way or the other – directly or indirectly, it cannot be parked away & isolated from secularity. In fact there is need to fuse the two together for the common good. To some, religion is the problem, but to many, religion is the solution.”

Bhai Sahib Dr Mohinder Singh, Chairman of Nishkam Civic Association

As a Sikh faith – inspired civic organisation the approach to Interfaith comes naturally as taught through the sacred interfaith scriptures of the Sikh’s Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, universally aimed at all humanity, regardless of faith or those with no faith with abundant messages of love, equality and the fundamental responsibility of all humans to Love humanity as one regardless of ANY distinction.

Maanas kee jaat sabhai ekai pachaanbo – Recognise all Humanity as One (& the same)

Author: Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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