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The Nishkam Civic Association (NCA) was established in 2003, a relatively new and unique organisation charged with the task of developing a dynamic Sikh faith inspired civic agenda.

It is one of the Five Centres for Excellence founded by Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (GNNSJ), a Sikh faith-based organisation dedicated to nishkam sewa (active, selfless volunteering) to serve the common good.

The Nishkam Centre

The NCA through its faith inspired civic agenda commissioned the building of the Nishkam Centre finished in 2006.

The £7.5 million+ cost of the project was met from donations from the parent body GNNSJ (some £3.5m+) and an ERDF grant (£2.54m), with an additional volunteer input of 110,000 hours (valued at around £1.5m). This is a major collaboration between a faith led organisation, public agencies and the local community is making a significant impact in the local & wider area.

It joins the spiritual centre (GNNSJ), the economic cooperative -MSS (Marg Sat Santokh, meaning ‘path of truth and contentment’), the Nishkam Education Trust, care for the elderly and engagement with children and young people.

In recent times, Governments are progressively recognising the importance that faith plays in the empowerment, regeneration and development of our communities. Faith groups are now required to play an integral part in the Government’s Big Society agenda for promoting community and economic wellbeing, social justice and community cohesion.

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